About Us

Gamages Accountancy is based in West Oxfordshire. We primarily work with clients in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, however we do offer a national accountancy service at no extra cost to you. We specialise in accountancy and book keeping services for individuals and SMEs.

Not only do we provide very competitively priced year end services, but very often we will fill a gap for Companies that cannot financially justify having a book keeper or accountancy professional of their own. We can work flexibly for you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis depending on your needs.

We believe that smaller companies can really benefit from the high calibre of staff that you would normally associate with blue chip organisations. When you use Gamages Accountancy, you aren’t simply hiring a ‘bean counter’ for a few hours periodically, you are getting the undivided attention of a high calibre finance professional who will aim to deliver beyond your expectations.

We price ourselves competitively by regularly researching the market place and making sure our overheads are kept low. We believe in transparent and up front pricing too – that’s why (in almost all cases) we can quote you upfront for any work you would like us to do. We do this because we believe that our customers have a right to know what they will be paying when they start using us. Many practices still operate an ‘hourly charge out rate’ system, which inevitably leaves the customer paying higher costs when hours worked are rounded up and heels are dragged. We operate in a way that we think is fairer for you, to reflect what we would expect as a customer outside of the industry.

Please feel free to contact us for an informal discussion and a quote.

Introducing the Practice Manager

gamagesaccountancy.com is managed on a day to day basis by Katherine Gamage. Kath is a highly experienced accountant with over 25 years experience and held various accountancy roles in both the not-for-profit and private sectors, most recently including working as an Accountant for a Formula One racing team and as the Group Management Accounting and Planning Manager for a £250m Turnover organisation.

Kath is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant regulated by CIMA, and she is also a member of the Association of Accounting Technicians.

Not only is Kath experienced in book keeping and accounting in business, she has a wealth of experience in financial and business procedure creation and implementation. She is also experienced in business modelling, business plan creation and amendment as well as updating, improving and implementing financial systems.

Here at gamagesaccountancy.com we have the skills to help you succeed.

We are striving to ensure that Gamages Accountancy is a modern, young and vibrant Accountancy practice. We offer a value adding mix of expertise that does not come as standard within the industry. We are professional, approachable and capable. Our over-arching aim is to ensure that all our clients are happy with us. We aim to retain all our clients by a winning formula of highly competitive pricing and providing a highly professional ‘tailored to meet your needs’ service - adding value whenever we can.

We take a fresh approach. We want to break away from traditional views of Accountants and be a successful 21st century Accountancy practice.