Start ups

Whether you have an acorn of an idea or are knee deep in paperwork quietly wondering to yourself why you still haven't got an Accountant organised, we can help you.

It's a nerve racking and exciting time, you want to focus on what matters preparing, launching and developing your venture. Let us deal with the red tape for you simple.

Our practise manager is a specialist in Accountancy within a business setting. Having set up her own business and supported others doing exactly the same, she is ideally placed to work with you as your business develops, providing flexible, value adding assistance helping you achieve your business goals.

We recognise that finances are tighter than ever when you start up a business so we offer clear, set fee services for start up.

Package Sole Trader Limited Company
FIXED FEE One-off fee 300 One-off fee 450
Guidance on compliance and registration
(VAT, Corporation tax, Self assessment etc)
Guidance on record keeping YES YES
Accounts part way through the first year* YES YES
Email and telephone support YES YES
Registering as your agent with HMRC YES YES
Filing of 1st Annual return (inc filing fee) YES

Terms and conditions apply.

*Your mid-year accounts allow you to keep an eye on your finances in that all-important first year. The information can be requested either after month 3, 6 or 9 of trading. You will receive:

  • Profit and Loss account
  • Balance sheet
  • Indication of potential Corporation tax/Income tax liability (based on profits/trading to date)
  • Information/advice based on our findings