Company formation packages

We offer UK company registration services to individuals who want to set up a limited company for business, or businesses already trading but seeking to formalise their structure. Our affordable, managed UK company formation packages are designed to suit both individuals and businesses needs.

FIXED FEE 75 155
Incorporation YES YES
Electronic certificate of incorporation YES YES
Electronic Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association YES YES
Company Authentication code (Companies House security code) YES YES
Incorporation carried out by a qualified Accountant YES YES
Hard copy of Certificate of Incorporation YES
Hard copy of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association YES
Printed Share Certificates YES
Completion of 1st Annual Return YES
Filing of 1st Annual Return (Incl. filing fee) YES
Company register YES

Limited companies no longer have to appoint a company secretary by law. Your company must have at least one director and one shareholder. The director can also be the shareholder of the company.

Registered Office packages

Every Limited company must have a registered office in the UK, it can be either in England, Wales or Scotland. The address does not have to be the place where you carry out your business activities, but PO Box numbers are not acceptable. If you do not have a suitable address (it will be held on public record), we can provide a straight forward registered office service to small companies.

Official statutory mail is reviewed by us and (if requested) can be forwarded to you. The service also ensures that you don't receive tons of unsolicited junk mail.

We also offer Mail forwarding, should you want to receive all post sent to your registered office.

Registered Office (London) 100 per year
Mail forwarding 25 per month plus postage costs

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