Other services

Our varied experience allows us to offer many useful, affordable services to SMEs that cannot justify employing a full time Senior finance professional.

Monthly/quarterly Management Accounts

Management Accounts contain current and relevant financial information to enable business owners and managers.

Rather than focusing retrospectively on a whole year (as Statutory/Compliance accounting does), Management Accounts look at current month or quarter performance and comparative information so that managers can begin to understand trends, act on areas of concern, understand the cost base and so on.

Our Management Accounts service is of particular importance to growing companies, where owners wish to stay on top of the finances and use financial information to aid in strategic decision making.

We tailor the package to your SMEs needs, working with you. We have many years of experience in compiling Management accounts for Board and Senior Management review.

Contingency/Accountant cover

Perhaps your business has a qualified Accountant, but you feel worried that only they know how all the senior finance tasks are carried out? Your business is exposed not paying staff or suppliers because the Accountant is ill or has walked out, is clearly not an option!

We can offer you a 'contingency service', whereby we shadow your Accountant for a pre-agreed amount of time, learn the ropes and then provide holiday or crisis cover, as required. Offering you important peace of mind, at affordable rates.

System troubleshooting

We have plenty of experience in developing system reporting and reconciling data between different systems, working closely with IT functions and other departments as required.

We can be brought in as part of a temporary project team in larger organizations or work on specific tasks or issues with smaller businesses.

Team development

We can work with your finance function to develop skill sets, re-allocate tasks, improve performance and efficiency.

Confidential project work

Perhaps your business is preparing for some major changes? You may be looking to save costs in the finance function? or perhaps there are too many errors occurring and you need someone to review internal processes and procedures?

We have plenty of real life experience of helping to shape organisational change. We are used to working on confidential projects, always demonstrating integrity and alignment with board objectives. We can work with you, ensuring that the business is not put at risk and that your objectives are met.

Contact us to confidentially and informally discuss your requirements. We do not charge exorbitant consultancy rates it simply doesn't fit with our ethos of ensuring high calibre finance resource is available to SMEs. Plus, we would like your repeat business and your future recommendations!